What Are Candela Lasers?

Candela Laser Corporation, sometimes called just “CFL,” is an American firm that manufactures and markets medical lasers both for surgical use and for cosmetic application located in Wayland, Massachusetts. This is one of the largest and oldest firms of its kind in the United States. The company’s history, as well as the technology it specializes in, can be fascinating to say the least. The company, which was founded in 1938, first made use of many of the methods and materials often associated with lasers today, and it has been trying to modernize and improve on these methods as well.

what are candela lasers

Candela lasers were first developed in Germany, and before they were brought to the United States, they had been primarily used for clinical uses. Medical lasers had been developed in many countries before coming to the United States, but none had been patented or marketed as a treatment for any condition until the arrival of German technicians. As these lasers became available for public use, more people began to ask what they were and what they could do. These questions led to research and further development of new, improved lasers that continued to expand the scope of what could be done using these devices. If you’re looking to buy and sell candela lasers, then read on.

As this happened, the business expanded to include a range of other medical practices as well. They began to focus on laser procedures used to remove skin tags and moles, as well as treating other skin conditions. It was only after a radical change in their focus that Candela Laser Corporation expanded into laser surgery itself. In fact, it took several years before they were able to bring a product to market that treating all but the most severe forms of skin cancer. Though laser surgery remains a fairly small part of what they do overall, the number of skin conditions they treat is quite impressive.

The technology involved in the manufacturing of a Candela laser is rather extraordinary, as is evident by the fact that they are the only manufacturer of this type of high intensity pulsed light (HIPL) laser. This is not some kind of relic from the early days of the computer. Rather, it is true to the advances in modern technology. What is more amazing, however, is the fact that many of the applications for this type of laser are being used in more traditional laser surgery. You can view a range of Candela lasers from laser-tech.com.au. So, while you might have been concentrating your search for what are Candela lasers, you might also have been looking at the possibility of having this type of surgery done.

One of the first uses for what are Candela lasers was to replace a coagulation therapy machine, which used a rubber material to burn patients’ vesicles in order to deaden them. The problem with this is that the vesicles were eventually reabsorbed into the body, meaning that many of the side effects, such as scarring and permanent discoloration of the skin, were not avoided. A better alternative was discovered: heat. Instead of treating the vesicles, heat treated the area directly surrounding them, so that there were no burning involved, no scars, and no pain involved at all.

So, what are Candela lasers, really? Candela is a type of laser, but it is not the only type of laser. In fact, the name has more to do with the quality of the laser itself than what it does to the body. These lasers tend to be extremely precise and give off very little heat, which makes them ideal for many medical applications. They have been used successfully in many types of laser surgery, and many other applications as well.